• Proofmaster M


    Proofmaster M

    Item no.: 12123

    Professionel vandtester med Leakfinder funktion.
    Betjening via Touch skærm
    Vacuum: -0.8 bar
    Tryk: 10 bar

  • Proofmaster S 230V

    Witschi 31.21PK1

    Proofmaster S 230V

    Item no.: 12120

    Professional water tester with Leakfinder feature.
    Operated through Touch screen
    Vacuum: -0.8 bar
    Pressure: 10 bar

  • ChronoProof PRO med printer

    ChronoProof PRO with printer

    Item no.: 121500

    Compact, accurate and easy to use.
    Integrated compressor.
    Ideal for sales staff.
    Vacuum -0.5 bar
    Pressure: 3 bar

  • Vandtester, Bergeon, 10bar

    Bergeon 5555/10

    New apparatus for

    Item no.: 11000

    Manual pressure from 0 to 10 atm.

  • Vandtester, Bergeon, 3bar

    Bergeon 5555/98

    Apparatus for testing

    Item no.: 11023

    Testing up to 3 atm.

  • Vandtætheds-tester 125 bar

    Roxer Natator 125

    Vandtætheds-tester 125 bar

    Item no.: 555980